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Meet Rosete, Birungiste, and Samuel: RapidFTR Success Stories From Uganda

Rapid route to reuniting Congolese refugee children in Uganda with their families (original article posted here: http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/uganda_70090.html) Meet Rosete, Birungiste and Samuel, three children who fled conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, only to wind up separated from their families in a Ugandan transit centre. See how an advance in technology can speed locating their families. © UNICEF/2013/Kasamani Two boys wait to be offloaded from a truckrrying more than 100 Congolese refugees who arrived at the Bubukwanga transit centre in Bundibugyo District, Uganda. As rebels and government troops clash, fleeing children are sometimes separated from their families.

RapidFTR Is Helping Reunite Congolese Families in Uganda

UNICEF to deploy innovative RapidFTR system to reunite Congolese families in Uganda   By Charles-Martin Jjuuko KAMPALA, Tuesday, 16 July 2013- The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) is preparing to deploy its innovative Rapid Family Tracing and Reunification (RapidFTR) tool to facilitate the quick identification of children separated from their families, or those unaccompanied by adults in the latest influx of Congolese refugees into western Uganda. The Uganda Red Cross Society in Bubandi Sub County, Bundibugyo District, reports that it registered over 66,000 refugees in space of three days after fighting by suspected Allied Democratic Forces rebels erupted inside the…


UNICEF Television Reports on RapidFTR’s Use in Uganda

New mobile application helps speed up family reunification for Congolese child refugees in Uganda (see the original story here: http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/uganda_68321.html) A new mobile application seeks to bring together separated and unaccompanied children and their families – in emergency situations. By Dheepa Pandian KAMWENGE DISTRICT, western Uganda, 19 March 2013 – Pascal, 15, fled the Democratic Republic of the Congo when rebels attacked his village. He arrived at Rwamwanja refugee settlement, Uganda, a month ago. “I came from Congo because they were fighting and I was scared of dying, so I just ran away with a group of boys,”


RapidFTR at the Grace Hopper Conference in Bangalore

This update is from Ramya Ramesh, a RapidFTR team member at the Grace Hopper Conference in December… “Just got back from an awesome and energetic hackathon, organized as part of the Grace Hopper Conference*, in Bangalore, on Dec 12, 2012. This was the first hackathon organized as part of GHC in India. And fitting to the context of the conference, it was an all-women one too. RapidFTR was one of the three open source initiatives that were selected to be part of this hackathon (OpenMRS & Camfed were the other two). There were also members from Random Hacks of Kindness…


Martin Fowler Explains How RapidFTR Codejams Work

Martin Fowler (@martinfowler) wrote a great article about the RapidFTR code jams we’ve been hosting every Tuesday night in New York and with varying degrees of regularity in London, Melbourne, San Francisco, Porto Allegre, and Chennai. His article pretty much runs down the recipe that Zubair Khan and Tom Elkin put together in London and was then polished into a smoothly running machine by the shockingly unlinkable Chris George. He’s definitely the champion that Martin refers to here: To make meaningful progress, you need someone to prepare for each code jam by breaking down work-items into something small enough that people will be


Top 10 OS Projects of 2010 Webinar

So RapidFTR was named one of the Top 10 Open Source Rookie Projects of 2010 by Black Duck Software. It’s quite an honor. You can read more about it here: http://www.blackducksoftware.com/news/releases/2011-01-07 They’ve also asked us to participate in a ‘webinar’ with some of the other project folk. Something we’re glad to do. In 30 minutes. If you’d like to take part, you can, here: https://www1.gotomeeting.com/register/891597472. Full Description: Thursday, Feb 10 – Rookies Webinar Synopsis: If you’re a developer using open source code to speed time to solution, you know the benefits of working with FOSS. Perhaps you’ve contributed code back to a project,…


RapidFTR on Fast Company

Fast Company, a really great business magazine mentions RapidFTR in an article about the U.N.’s technology innovations and their more recent Global Pulse project. Check it out: Inside the United Nations’ Innovation Overhaul


London RapidFTR’ers, Please Report For Duty

There’s another codejam happening in London this Saturday, fresh off the heels of a very successful event in Porto Allegre, Brazil, hosted by Carlos Villela. We’ve also been running nearly-weekly meetups in New York city. If you’re interested in helping out in any of these places (or Australia or India or San Francisco or anywhere else) join the google group and let us know. For details on this weekend’s London codejam, head to this posting on meetup.com. A message posted to the RapidFTR Google Group: So the RapidFTR codejam is going ahead this Saturday at the Thoughtworks London office!

Current Functionality of RapidFTR Web App (July 2010) from Rapid FTR on Vimeo.

RapidFTR Seeks BlackBerry Developer

RapidFTR is looking for someone to help us develop our BlackBerry client. Have BB dev experience? Know someone who does? Send yourself / your friends our way.   To apply send code sample/link to repo + cover letter + cv to jorge@rapidftr.com with subject line: “RapidFTR BlackBerry DEV Job” Here’s the job posting: Overview: We are seeking a mobile developer to create a BlackBerry application for RapidFTR (http://rapidftr.com), an open-source mobile application and data storage system that helps aid workers collect, sort and share information about unaccompanied children in emergency situations so they can be registered for care services and…