Developer Info

Developer Info
RapidFTR Developer Links:
Go to for a collection of links to the various repositories and wiki pages. But first, join the Google Group below.

Join the Google Group
The first thing you need to do is to subscribe to our Google Group. Once you have been accepted, introduce yourself on the list and we’ll get you set up and started.

Subscribe to Google Group:

Available Work
Go to the RapidFTR Mingle Instance to see what work is available for volunteers.

A good place to learn about RapidFTR is on the Github wiki. Here you will find information about how to setup the system on your specific platform, API Documentation and project practices.

You can get the source code by forking the GitHub repositories.

GITHUB: RapidFTR Repository

GITHUB: RapidFTR Android Repository

GITHUB: RapidFTR BlackBerry Repository

RapidFTR is being developed using Ruby on Rails and CouchDB. Alongside development of the central system and API, we’re also working on Android and Netbook clients. The BlackBerry client is deprecated, but if you’re interested in bringing it up to date, that’s cool. If you’ve got experience with any of these technologies and want to help, please get in touch.

The structure of the Rapid FTR project:

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